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Richard and his Aerial Cartography

Whether you are a country landowner wishing to have a beautiful and unique record of your estate or a visitor attraction that wishes to provide interpretation boards and leaflets for the public, Richard Chandler’s Hand Painted Aerial Maps may be a quality solution to your requirements.

Born and raised in The Cotswold Hills, Richard has always had a passion for the countryside. He has a natural feel for the detail and features that makes up our landscape and how to interpret this into an informative map. With his lifelong love of Painting, Maps and Geography Richard has worked in his own cartography business since 1993. In 2017 he moved to the Shropshire Hills but still retained the brand name 'Fir Tree Maps' after the Cotswold Cottage he lived in for over 30 years.

He has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients to create three- dimensional mapping for a diverse series of subjects.

These have ranged from Stately Homes and Gardens to whole Countries! Click here for list of clients and examples of Richards work

Either way the method of production is basically the same and involves the transformation of conventional mapping and photography into something that is three dimensional, stunning and above all easy to read.

Richard believes that by hand painting the base map artwork the appearance is far more natural and attractive than the latest computer generated techniques. However text and symbols can be added using modern technology if required.

Options for what can be supplied:

  • A basic artwork (without text) for your own graphic designer to complete.
  • 1 off artwork with text screen printed on the mounting glass, ideal as a family present or future heirloom.
  • A complete package of printed maps, leaflets or interpretation boards with all graphics and text to your instructions.

Richard has also produced The Fir Tree Series of Aerial Maps for 16 different scenic areas of Britain, Ireland and France.

Click here to purchase Richard's maps from the Map Centre


3 wheels are best!

Most map orders start their journey to the Post Office by Pashley Tricycle.

To celebrate 21 years of Fir Tree maps in 2015‚ 'The Mapmog' three wheeler was ordered from Morgan Motor Co.
Look out for it (and Richard!) at events and out on the road.